True Memoirs of an International Assassin

Some days I love my job. Some days I fucking hate it with a loathing passion and want to give it all up and be a fucking bus driver. Don’t knock it bus drivers earn good money and I’d still be sitting on my ass all day. Going round and round.

But today I love my job. I am sitting in my little edit suite in a small coastal town in Cork, Ireland having just got off a Zoom call with an editor colleague in Iran while finishing off a couple of videos for a client in New York before sitting down to start on an episode of TV for a South African client. Brilliant.


I met Hadi from Iran at the IFEF conference in Cologne a couple of weeks ago and we got to chatting about his troubles and the difficulty the Iranian Editors Guilds have in training their members and growing their skills set. Sanctions against the regime in Iran means he is unable to purchase anything online outside of Iran and because of the financial restrictions he’s to rely on you tube etc for training. Not ideal really. On top of that the regime is arresting film makers including editors who speak out against the State. Something that is happening in Turkey currently too. It’s a difficult situation as we (ISE) are willing to provide the training they want over the net but the new issue is the ongoing unrest around the death of Mahsa Amini in police custody has forced the State to crackdown on the internet, limiting it and in some cases blocking it altogether. Hadi is having to use a VPN just for us to be able to have a conversation over Zoom. He has assured me that he will not get into any trouble from the authorities because we are not talking politics, but even so it’s a dire situation, exacerbated by not being able to easily communicate openly with the rest of the world.

And here I am killing time in my little corner of the world doling out videos to all and sundry around the world with two internet accounts (home and office) and more freedoms than my fellow human being three and a half hours of time zone away from me. I feel for him and his. I am humbled.

Free Nik Yousefi

Free Erhan Ors

Peace, love and freedom for all.