The hills have eyes

Well I was fortunate enough this year to be nominated in two separate categories for editing in the South African Film and Television Awards, the South African equivalent of the BAFTAs and the Oscars etc. The categories were Best Editing in a TV Drama and Best Editing in a TV Soap. And I got lucky and won both. 

I have to admit that it came as quite a surprise. I was quite taken aback when my wife attacked me saying you won. And then from there it was pretty much a blur. Lots of lights and lots of noise. And the obligatory speech. My wife who is not in the industry (a school teacher) is very cynical about awards speeches. And after several awards were given out I was instructed after much clucking of the tongue at various recipients speeches that all I was allowed to say was Thank you and walk away. Don’t thank your wife, your children your dog your mother in law. Just say thank you. Well as I didn’t expect to win I agreed and let her have her fun. But then they called out the winning name and all I could say was… Thank you very much. And walk off stage. My mind was blank. I always hear people say how that moment of recognition you just zone out and you think of nothing but, well, nothing it seems. Except thank you very much. 

I have won awards before but this one was the one (or two) and it threw me. I was still backstage in interviews when they called out my name for the other award which must have been fun for the interviewer who’s guest just disappeared on him as he ran off to get his other award. 

But overall and looking back I am chuffed. It has taken a long time to be recognized and to win two big awards is something really special. I just hope I can keep it up and look forward to the next one (just one thank you)

Peace love and vomit