Love Actually

So Apple have just launched 10.2 of FCPX. Wow 15 versions in 3 years I think it is and that is some achievement especially as every time they launch a new version there are massive changes and also some not so massive changes. Yes we still want audio roles and subroles and switching off the trackless element so we can see what our audio is doing before it goes to mix but there is still much to love about FCPX. 

Here is my list so far of all the things I love and all the things I hate about FCPX.  (With my limited knowledge of all its ins and outs.)


The magnetic timeline. Dude! What is not to love about this amazing feature. How much time it saves just in trimming and moving things around is awesomeness. 

Command R. Speed changes and customizing. Again dude! Click grab drag done. Oh it needs to happen in reverse, click done again.

The flow and feel of it, it’s smooth and curvy. Not clunky and hard like its predecessor. 

Synchronizing, multicam, all good. 

Adding effects and rendering is so much better. 

Optical flow! Dude!

Overall there is just something about this version that smacks of yummy and I use it more and more and want to do more and more in it. 


no search function on import (as far as I can see) I know I could create libraries for my music and fx and sfx but sometimes it’s a single thing I’m looking for that someone gave me the other day and and and… Aargh, dear Finder…

Trimming multiple clips inline, especially for ruff comps, it’s all single clip drag and then the other and then the other etc

The audio. Nuff sed!

No remove attributes. Urghh!

That awful memory leak half way thru a project that requires a restart (although they have apparently fixed this in the latest version. I’ll see what happens when I upgrade. )

And speaking of upgrades, fucking with the libraries every time there is an upgrade as I always seem to be mid-big-project when upgrades are released. I made that mistake once and it cost me dearly. 

The slowness (sometimes) of 3rd party hardware and software suppliers who can’t keep up with Apple, particularly in the server arena. Server can’t run Yosemite, can’t upgrade. Damn! (Okay so this is not exactly an apple FCPX issue but I thought it might be worth mentioning)

But generally I have much love for the new improved shiny FCPX. It sings.

So time to get back to work, holiday coming up in a few days so wanna be finished so I can learn the intricacies of Resolve which is my next skill I am developing.