The Wheelman

I fucking love travelling. We have done so little of it in the last few years thanks to The Covid, but I fucking love it. I love the panic of leaving the house wondering if I have my passport, my iPad, my AirPods, my watch (I just left that behind in an X-Ray tray at Stansted Airport so that’s a new panic trigger) okay that last one’s a bit of a cheat ‘cos it happened at the airport but you get my drift. Then there’s the thrill of takeoff, if I manage to still be awake at that point and the madness that is low cost flying touchdowns. I love the bustle of airports and hearing the million different dialects, the sound of planes and the rolling of luggage wheels on the tiled floors. But the thing I love the most is getting into an almost brand new car at the rental supplier.

I don’t usually use car hires as we generally drive from Ireland to the UK but this was a 1 day trip in and out so hire car it was. After the usual haggle over insurance and upgrades etc I actually managed to score an upgrade this time as the car I wanted wasn’t clean and the guy responsible for cleaning was too fucking tired so I got a bigger car and a newer one too. So here I am sitting in a brand new-ish Spanish car built with German parts and realising I have all the wrong cables. The SEAT is kitted with USB C ports! I feel so old fashioned with my regular USB cables. Luckily I had my trusted cigarette lighter adapter along for the ride and was ‘old schooling’ it big time. But then my absolutely favouritist of favourite things happened…

Would you like to connect to the car using Apple CarPlay?

Siri still needs to learn “oh fuck yeah!” doubles as Jayce speak for “why yes please darling, by all means please connect me.“ But she eventually did and my apple phone popped up on the 8 inch iPad screen built in it the dash of the SEAT. Luvvly Jubbly.

I think the thing is I’m a sucker for tech that makes my life more simple. I absolutely fucking deplore Adobe Premiere and I was forced into it by a need to have subtitles in the episodes I deliver. So I found a workaround that takes me from 60 minutes in Premiere to just 60 seconds. Now all I have to do is find a work around workflow for Avid and Robert is your Dad’s brother.

And yet there are so many other ways I just make my life more difficult. Albeit in the following instance i had an absolute fucking blast.

I’m a member of the Irish Screen Editors Guild and just recently got accepted to serve on the committee. One of the missions of the guild is to further awareness and build its member base and hopefully improve the lives of us lowly editors and assistant editors. So bug-a-lugs here decided it would be a good idea to start a magazine. Something I’m told was attempted but never brought to fruition and as long as I was willing to handle it, then work away. I had this idea of doing maybe 12 16 pages or so. Something simple, light, small, something that would grow in time to maybe become something. Well fuck that. It’s 40 fucking pages long. We like it so much our original plan of just chucking it up online and seeing if anyone bites has turned into a limited edition print run. WTF????

And so now I am behind the wheel of a new beast that rolls out on a quarterly basis. When “Assembled” is officially launched I will be sharing the links to the online version. I hope you find it interesting. It may not make your life simpler but there may well be something to learn. I certainly learned an awful lot talking to the various editors and sound people up there in the Dublin area. Looking forward to driving another issue in four months.

Stay safe, peace love and vomit.