Gosh, how time has flown by. Last time I write anything we were at the start of the lockdown and as I write this Ireland is only now really beginning to open up again, 18 months later. This really has been a thing.

Anyway an awful loot has happened in this time away from you here. I restarted the show I was working on pre lockdown and now halfway through season 2. I have already started and finished another 13 episodes of a very popular show on TV in SA and have just finished working on a feature film which I am extremely proud of. And further to that I have found a way from spending an hour per episode in Premiere Pox and got it down to 3 minutes per episode.

Yes I know, some times this blog feels like a giant FUCK YOU PREMIERE PRO blog but fuck it. It is. Anyway the biggest issue I had was the subtitles in Pox not talking to FCP (X) so I managed to convince my subtitles to work in a dedicated subtitle programme off the App Store that cost me 10 quid. She sends me SRT files import them to FCP (no longer X) and then I have another piece of software courtesy of which translates the SRT file from FCP to Pox and all I have to do is marry up my XML from XtoCC and the XML from Spherico and voila I am done in 3 minutes. Just like it should be. Well it should be not at all but trying to convince someone to buy a Rolls Royce isn’t easy if you’re paying for a mini every day and no one wants to learn how to drive the big car.

So for now that’s all she wrote. Coming in on a sick day to upload a new post at that.