The new buzz words of the day are self isolating and social distancing. Something picture editors are very good at.

As I write this we are day 14 into our self imposed exile here in Ireland. Schools have been shut for almost 2 weeks and pubs and restaurants for about the same time. Funny thing is as an editor locked away every day it isn’t really a problem, but now we have to be locked away to stop the spread of this fucking virus that’s turned people into fucking mental as a bag of bread mental I really want to go out. But sadly, here I am stuck between keyboard and chair writing away.

Up until a few days ago things weren’t so bad, for me anyway. I was still working, the company I work for in South Africa had no sign of the virus and life continued. Then the inevitable happened and SA got it’s first few cases and the shit hit the fan and all of a sudden everything is shut down for 21 days. Everything. Not least of which production on the new show that I am cutting. We go on air on the 30th March and we will only have 20 episodes in the can by the shutdown. Production could start again on the 17th April but that is still a long way off and only 10 days before we run out of episodes.

So while I will be finished editing the episodes I have available by the end of next week I will have 2 weeks of staring at the walls going stir crazy like the rest of the world. (Walk the dog you fat bastard – Ed)


(I said walk the dog you fat bastard – Ed)

But I’m the editor, how can you be telling me what to do?

(Cos I’m the Editor – Ed)

No I am!

(No I am – Ed)

Well I can’t.

(Can’t what? – Ed)

Walk the dog.

(Why not? – Ed)

We don’t have a dog?

(Oh, so now it’s we? – Ed)

Well you started it.

(No I didn’t. – Ed)

Yes you did.

(No i didn’t! – Ed)

Yes you d…




Yes Debra.

Anyway back to work before the crazy sets in..

Peace love and vomit. Mostly peace.

And please, stay safe, stay at home and be excellent to each other.